Tips to Choosing Luxury Watch Brands

watchWatches are to men what diamonds are to women. They symbolize class. The watch a man wears, shows us his position in society. Whether that’s right or wrong, we can never say. But, one thing we know for sure―your watch is who you are. An outcome of miraculous engineering, a watch is always priced. In this article, we’ll check out the very best―luxury watches that have made a difference. Basically, there are four types of designer watches that are categorized under the luxury class―high-end luxury, luxury, pseudo luxury, and basic luxury. Let’s understand these types individually.

High-end Luxury Watches
These watches are very expensive with intricate designs and high-end craftsmanship. They are either ultra conservative or highly expensive, and partially or completely handcrafted timepieces. They are available only at a few specialized dealers and in a limited number. Due to this fact, these luxury watches are always valuable in their new, used, and vintage forms. They are available in steel and gold models, with leather straps and/or gold straps. You can call them the world’s most expensive watches.

Popular brands under this category: A.

Best Watch Brands

When you think of one must have accessory that is functional and not just for aesthetic value, a watch comes to mind. Wrist watches for both men and women are available in various designs, styles and of course price tags. For a man, who works in the corporate world, wearing a classy looking watch is very important as it gives him a refined and sophisticated look. When we talk about a particular watch brand, the price you pay for buying that watch is not just for its craftsmanship, design and style. The price of a watch as well as its value increases with the kind of advertising that is done and how people in general perceive it to be. A Rolex for example is a luxury watch that is very expensive and people know that wearing a Rolex immediately classifies him/her as a person who has refined taste and of course loads of money to afford it. So when we talk about the best watch brands in the world, we are not only discussing the technical and mechanical aspect of the watch, but also how global name recognition increases its value. Here we are going to discuss the

Fashionable Jewelry for Men

Men who enjoy new styles or a day spent on the shooting range now have a new accessory to impress their friends and express their passion for firearms with: bullet jewelry. Bullet jewelry for men is not necessarily a new concept, but in recent years designers have put new twists on the idea and ultimately elevated it to new heights. There is now a huge variety of options for men interested in owning distinctive bullet-shaped jewelry.

Necklaces are one of the most popular kinds of men’s bullet-shaped jewelry. In the past, the necklaces often incorporated a bullet simply hanging at the bottom of a chain, which was a bold look. Now, in a new interpretation of the style, some designers produce flat, round pieces made from casings. These are distinctive and sure to draw attention, and they should be easily recognized by anyone else who takes shooting seriously. At the same time, these necklaces are a little more subtle and refined than their predecessors.

Necklaces, however, are not the only bullet-shaped jewelry option that men have. Other popular items of bullet or gun-related jewelry include cuff links, bracelets, leather cuffs, money clips, and even rings. There

How to Choosing a Good Watch

A wrist watch is a piece of accessory that it is equally liked by both men and women. It reveals many facets of an individual’s personality. Men think of it as something that creates a long-lasting good impression, while for women, it is almost like a piece of jewelry that completes her everyday look.

While a perfectly chosen watch represents a person’s good taste, his personality, and his social standing, an unsuitable watch shows much more than that – his crudeness! That is the importance of choosing a good watch.

But trust me, selecting a suitable watch is a herculean task. With so many companies manufacturing quality watches that are not only affordable but stylish, we are simply spoiled for choice.

So before you say, “Okay, I’ll take this one”, check out the following points:

Before You Decide to Buy

Do You Really Need a Watch?
This one might be the toughest to answer. So, think again, and if this time your answer is yes, then go ahead. For many people, recording time is just an aspect that is often ignored. They buy a watch as a piece of adornment that compliments their outfit and bags.

For What Purpose Do

Choosing Cheap Watches

Watches have been a fail-safe accessory for men over the ages, right from the times of the humble pocket watch to the multifunctional smart watches of today. How can people even think of squandering millions of dollars over something that is available in as less as USD 10? The answer is obvious. Observing time on a timeless beauty has a beauty of its own, don’t you agree? For men, it is no less than a fashion statement today. In this post, we’ve included some timepieces from the most renowned watch brands in the world.

Best Luxury Watches for Men

Fashion trends may buzz in and buzz out, cell phones may have chipped in, and time may blink over every gadget today, but timepieces are adherent to their worth. Following is a list of the most expensive watches for men for whom, budget is no bar. The price tags may leave you awestruck for a moment, though.
Girard Perregaux Opera 3 | USD 5.32 million
Roger Dubuis Excalibur EX 08 | USD 4.50 million
The Emperador Temple | USD 3.30 million
Omega Skeleton Central Tourbillon | USD 2.82 million
The Tourbillon Diamants | USD 1.80 million
The price tags are high,

Choose the Perfect Watch

When it comes to purchasing a watch, you can get overwhelmed with the thousands of choices available for you. But what is important when purchasing one, is how it will fit you. You have to consider the style, size functionality, durability, price and even brand.

Choosing According to Style

When choosing a watch based on style, you must decide first on what kind of look you are going for. Do you want the trendy watches, which often come in interesting and sometimes flashy designs, or do you want a more classic one which you can easily incorporate into any wardrobe.

Fads are just passing, so what might look so chic and cool today may not be so relevant tomorrow. So learn to choose your options and invest your money wisely, if you are planning on shelling out a generous budget.

If you want a style that also has quality and a rich history to its name, then Swiss luxury watches is a perfect choice. Swiss brands often adapt classic designs like brands such as Patek Philippe, whose styles still look classy and elegant generations after.

Choosing according to Size

Nowadays watches with

Best Jewelry For Your Prom Dresses

Prom dresses are really the most important component in prom night, which is one of the most unforgettable nights for teenage girls. This particular affair requires the most planning. You need to do a great deal of looking through the prom dress collections to find precisely the ideal gown you are going to wear at the prom. In fact, the earlier you can decide on your attire, the better it definitely will be. Immediately after selecting the best prom dress and the perfect date, pretty much all you need to have a perfect evening are matching accessories. Even though fashion accessories aren’t usually thought of as the most important element of your prom experience, they can definitely make or break an ensemble. The accents you have chosen to match your prom evening can perfect your attire and keep you feeling attractive and comfortable all night long. With all the buzz that is made of obtaining exactly the right gown, at times choosing the right footwear along with other fashion accessories ( jewelry in particular) to complement is forgotten about until almost the last minute.

Never forget to begin early. Come up with plans in advance. This is actually the best way

Tips to Buy Cheap Watches

No matter how much you might covet a Rolex or a Piaget watch, the sad fact is that they cost a lot. But you do need a watch and you don’t want to settle for cheap knockoffs. So why not purchase a watch that is of the best quality and still won’t burn a hole in your pocket. A good watch should have impeccable craftsmanship, superb quality and be of the latest style. Additional features that tells you the date and day are also must have in a good wrist watch. So if you want a classy and sophisticated timewear, then you need to know which are the best watches that you can purchase for less. Here we will take a look at some of the best watches that are available under $500.

Best Watches Under 500 Dollars

Don’t think that just because you are spending less, that you can’t get a good quality watch with great design. Some of the mid luxury brands offer good designs of watches that are at an affordable price range. You should consider these watches and look for designs that are timeless and elegant. Avoid purchasing over embellished watches as they tend to go

Choose the Best Jewelry and Watches

Are you interested in purchasing a new watch? This is an important decision as you will need to find an accessory that will really add value to yourself. There are some criteria that you will have to respect when purchasing a watch or a jewel. The aim of this article is to provide you some more information on this topic to help you take the best decision.

First of all you should consider your dress. Whenever you are purchasing jewelry or watches you should always make sure that it is suited to your clothes. This is because not all watches or jewels will match your dress and you can end up with an unpleasant surprise. This is why it is advised that you wear something close to the dress that you will be wearing at the party before purchasing your accessories.

It will also be important that you take into account your personality. There are some people that may look great with a particular accessory but another may look weird. Do not make the mistake of buying jewelry or watches just because they are merely fashionable. Instead it is important that you buy jewels that match

Tips Enhance Your Style With Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry can enhance your personal style while adding numerous options to your wardrobe. To start with your jewelry collection, invest in a personal statement piece. This could be a necklace or chain with a defined or large pendant or a multi-strand necklace. You can then add bracelets or earrings of your choice to complement the outfit. Today’s style allows for mixing and matching of different colors and style of jewelry; “sets” of jewelry with complete necklaces, earrings and bracelets are not necessary for your collection. They are good pieces to mix and match with other jewelry you may have.

The best pieces of jewelry are those that can coordinate with several different outfits. Chains can be worn by themselves or with multiple slides that can be taken on and off as your outfits warrant. Some long necklaces can be draped in two or three strands that can completely change the look of an outfit. Even longer necklaces can be used as a waist-defining belt to dress up a hip-length sweater or blouse.

Pairing necklaces with earrings can be as simple as putting on simple hoops or a color that coordinates with your outfit. You should

Tips for Choosing Necklace

Here are some of the useful tips you can use in order to choose the best necklace fit before you can decide on buying wholesale necklace for your business or for personal use.

  • If you have a large breast, you can choose necklaces that are more than 22″ in length. It will be uncomfortable if you try to choose longer than this length.
  • If you are flat chested, long thin chains will look nice on you.
  • If you are below 5’4″ in height, collar or princess length necklaces look best. V-Shape styles or Matinee necklace length will make you look taller.
  • If you are from 5’4″ – 5’7″, you can wear necklaces of any length.
  • If you have full figured body, do not wear necklaces that lay on the breast line. Again, you will not make you feel good.
  • If you are over 5’7″ in height, you can wear longer necklaces any length.
  • If you have an oval face, you gain flexibility in choosing a necklace because an oval face shape suits any necklace lengths.
  • If you have a round face, an Opera necklace length will be much better.

Tips Choose a Wedding Ring for Men

A symbol of love and togetherness, a band becomes a silent witness to the wedding day. Also considered to be a sign of eternity and the gate to an unknown future, the ring or the wedding band has surely made its presence felt. Whether you decide to choose a trendy or timeless piece, a wedding band has to match up to your lifestyle and personality as well as to personal taste and preferences.
Creating a Style
Before you get anywhere near deciding the material for the ring, it would be good if you decide on the style statement you want to make. While classic wedding bands are the most favored choice, you can choose between that and modern varieties which will complement the ring of the bride. While making a choice, remember that you will be sporting your ring daily, which means no matter what style you choose, it should make you comfortable to carry out your daily chores.
Metal Preferences
The wide range of metal choices for wedding rings include gold, silver, tungsten, platinum, and titanium.

When it comes to deciding on a ring for a wedding, the most sought-after option that comes to mind is a

Tips Choose the Best Jewelry Wholesaler

There are many small and big jewelry businesses around. In order to excel over the rest, you have to permanently be on the lookout for ways to increase your profits and beat the competition; however, the basics are essential, and getting the best jewelry wholesaler out there will put you ahead of the game from the start.

In order to find the best of the best in wholesale jewelry, pay attention to the following characteristics in each of the wholesalers you are considering:

1. They have international sources

The best jewelry wholesalers purchase pieces and materials from various sources and countries, allowing you to have more options on collections, and access to the newest trends. This characteristic can also save you from economic crises given the varied suppliers you will have access to.

2. They must know about the latest trends and know what the market is looking for

In order to help you sell, good jewelry wholesalers will offer you what’s in at the moment and also what is considered a classic, for example, sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, and cubic zirconia, which always sell and will certainly make your business

Basic Tips To Find Quality Jewelry Online

How do you know what the true best jewelry source for your money really is? Do you know some of the factors that should go into your decision when shopping for jewelry? There are a few important keys to keep in mind when searching for quality jewelry online and it’s important to be well aware of them before you pull your credit card out.

1. What type of jewelry are you looking for? If you’re searching for diamond engagement rings then you’re probably in the wrong place if you find a site dedicated to charm bracelets. This is a slightly obvious point but probably important to keep in mind.

2. More importantly, what kind of return policy do they have in place. Buying quality jewelry online is always a risky proposition, especially if it’s the first time you’ve bought from that particular site. Read the “about” section of their site and understand what you would have to do to return a jewelry product.

3. Another factor that goes into your jewelry source is shipping. Do you want to wait 2 weeks to get your item? Probably not, yet it does happen with some sites out

Good Jewelry for Women

Women are usually compared as flowers because of their beauty and naivete. And youth who are considered to enjoy the most wonderful period of life are usually said at flower age. Flowers are the most beautiful natural things in the world. They are nice and usually bring sweet fragrance to people. They make the world more wonderful and cleaner.

Jewels are peoples good friends, they make their owners look more beautiful and notable. But what is the best jewelry to women? Diamond, pearls or gold? None of the above can be considered the best jewelry to a woman. And it may be unexpected that the answer is flowers. We all admit that flowers are beautiful. So there are many necklaces with their pendants designed into flower shape. It is popular to carve flowers on rings. And earring in all kinds of flower shapes can be seen everywhere in the market. From this we can see people love flowers.

However, these jewels are not the best or most beautiful in the world. The best jewels to women, are natural flowers themselves. We have seen many pictures of women with garlands on their heads. I guess you could

How to Buying Jewelry For Your Love

One of the most common gifts a man gives to a woman is jewelry. Compare to flowers and chocolates it is said to be the most effective gift to please a woman’s heart. Jewelry is usually made of precious stones and metals, like gold, diamonds, emeralds, silver and lot more. Buying jewelry can be stressful and tiring especially if you don’t have any idea on what you would buy to make the one you love happy. Here are some tips that can help you in choosing the best jewelry for your love.

1. Each of the jewelry has unique characteristics that suit the best for a particular type of person. You can match the jewelry you’ll buy based on what the woman wear or her favorite color of dress. Jewelries have different colors and it will be much appreciated when you choose her favorite color because women usually match up the color of their dress to their jewelries. She will also be likely to always wear that because it is her favorite color and because of that she will always remember you.

2. For a woman, earrings, necklace and bracelet are necessity for their fashion. These

Watch Accessory for Women

Making your very own jewelry is a fun and rewarding method to make additional money. Lots of shops sell beads, clasps, and kits for designing your very own jewelry. Older pieces can also be discovered at yard sales and taken apart to make sensational new pieces. This post will certainly offer you some ideas for creating your very own pieces of jewelry.

If you have a round face, stay away from long dangling earrings. Such earrings usually make your face look rounder and draws attention far from wonderful functions you might have. Instead, decide to purchase little dangling earrings or stud earrings for a look that boosts your round face and features.

Remove your rings when you’re in the shower. It can be commonly appealing to keep your wedding band or promise ring on all the time, but the chemicals in soap, body wash and hair shampoo can have negative impacts on your ring. Another great factor is because rings can commonly move off and disappear down the drain. Keep your ring everlasting and safe by removing it prior to stepping into the shower.

Before you go to buy jewelry, it is necessary to view

Tips for Buying Jewelry for Women

Nearly all women possess their own personal style sensibility and gravitate towards accessories of a specific style, whereas some just like a little bit of everything. Take some efforts to find out exactly what they want. If you can’t take peek at her jewelry box or perhaps haven’t notice enlist the assistance of a closest friend or close relative.

If you’d like to look stylish, wear only massive original jewelry. Big gemstone necklace and pendants, decorated with more unusual materials: feathers, leather and wood will attract attention and reveal your good taste. Fashion designers offer us to choose big bright jewelry and combine unusual materials and textures. This year they are really diverse and numerous. Obviously, jewelry produced from classic precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum are normally popular.

As beautiful and attractive as it is, do you know how to choose it when you are shopping at jewelry shops? Searching for gold pieces takes greater than picking what you look for from jewelry for sale and after that offering your credit card to the sales assistant. Once you learn some things concerning the material that you’d like to purchase, including its purity,

How to Buying Jewelry

When a man decides to please a woman with a gift, the chances of being successful is high when he buys her jewelry. Flowers are nice but many women are picky with flowers. On the other hand, jewelry, especially if it is in a set, will certainly be appreciated. This is because earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, according to a mysterious feminine logic, are considered necessities, along with makeup and shoes. But fake or cheap jewelry will not impress the sophisticated female. To avoid being taken in by phony jewelers, here are some tips to remember when buying the most sought after types of jewelry: gold and diamond.


When buying gold, the first thing to learn about is the word karat. The karat is the unit used to represent the proportion of gold in the piece of jewelry. Pure gold is set at 24 karats but there is no 24-karat gold jewelry because pure gold is too pliable to be fashioned into any form of jewelry. The popularly sold gold jewelry are 18-k (75% gold), 16-k (66.67% gold), 14-k (about 58% gold), and 12-k (50% gold). The smallest karat value for a piece of jewelry to

Tips to Clean and Polish Jewelry

The most effective way to clean your jewelry is to bring it to your local jeweler. That may not always be possible. It always seems that on a Saturday night, before going to dinner or while getting dressed for a wedding, you realize that your jewelry is lacking a bit of its glisten and luster.

Jewelry Maintenance Schedule
Since most people keep their jewelry in a central location, such as a jewelry box or safe, it is easy to keep a basic checklist along with it. It is commonplace for one to let time pass before noticing one day when examining their jewelry that a diamond is missing from their ring or bracelet. Keeping a simple checklist in your jewelry box can act as a reminder. All fine jewelry that is worn regularly and is mounted with gemstones should be brought to a jeweler to be inspected for wear on prongs and closures on a routine basis. Over time, frequently worn jewelry often comes in contact with coarse surfaces during everyday wear, making it prone to erosion and metal fatigue.

Jewelry Erosion
“Erosion” takes place when gold or a precious metal rubs against itself or